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"In my 31 years of experience in the United States Navy, I believe that even the United States Navy Seals would appreciate the kind of input and training that Mr. Coe has to offer..."

Captain Robert Turpin (Ret.)
President Naval War College Foundation

A New Kind of Martial Art Training

Reality Defense Training (R.D.T.), is martial arts training with a focused emphasis on effectiveness. Many traditional martial arts rely too heavily on memorization of complex maneuvers. R.D.T is designed to be quick and effective! This system maximizes the situational flexibility necessary to effectively prepare for a violent attack.

Traditional martial arts revolve around a particular style of combat. The problem is, an attack can come in any form, armed or unarmed, from single or multiple opponents. R.D.T. teaches you the tactics to effectively adapt to any attack. Life is not an exhibition, a competition, or the movies. When your safety is at stake, the objective must be to resolve the conflict quickly.

More than just kicks and punches, R.D.T. is far more comprehensive than any other martial art. R.D.T. teaches you how to prevent an attack, as well as the mental preparation, combat psychology, and bio-mechanically inspired techniques necessary to survive those attacks that cannot be avoided. R.D.T. will also teach you to defend yourself with a variety of weapons - from ball-point pens to firearms.

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All Classes are set in a small group (2 to 6 students) or private instruction environment.  This is the best way to learn Combative Self Defense.  The first class is FREE for the mens program!  When you are finished with your first class you will be able to throw three, very hard strikes in less than a second and will be able to stop a barrage of random punches!

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